Get Fit Tips

As a working mom it is hard to fit in fitness.  Here are 13 fun ideas to fit more activity into your life.

  1. Coffee walks.  Meeting a friend to catch up over coffee?  Get the coffee to go and catch up over the next hour on a leisurely walk.
  2. Get adults in your neighborhood together for a super energetic game of kickball.  Have you played since you were a kid?  Guaranteed to bring back childhood memories.
  3. Do you take your children to any sports?  Why not stretch, jump rope, or do push ups and sit ups while you are at their practice.  Talk with the parents to see who would be interested in joining in your workout session.
  4. Take your kids to the playground?  Why not play with them at the playground?  Great exercise and tons of fun.  Adults can play too.
  5. Plan a date with your significant other around physical activity (I know what you are thinking and that is great exercise too).  But my ideas were: dancing, roller skating, ice skating, yoga.  There are a lot of fun yoga activities such as yoga on hotel rooftops or yoga and wine events.   I am a huge fan of yoga and in this post I discuss why I love yoga so much.  Another fun, active date idea: there is a boxing gym in Phoenix that opens as a bar at night.  Such fun hitting the speed bag and swinging on the parallel bars (not recommended after a drink).
  6. Have a dance party in your house.  Any time my kids are crabby I put on the music and start dancing around.  9 times out of 10 this lightens the mood and all riffs are forgotten.  Great exercise too.  You can even pick up a disco light for extra fun.
  7. Races.  Remember good old-fashioned races when you were a kid?  Great burst of activity.  Race your kids down the block.
  8. Kid Toys.  Why let your kids have all the fun?  Join in with all the fun kid games and bring them back in style: pogo stick jumping, hula hoops, sack races.  What else can you bring back from your childhood?
  9. Obstacle Courses.  Who does not love an obstacle course?  Set up a super fun one in your house if there is room, at a park or in your backyard and enjoy the fun, playful exercise.
  10. Mommy May I?  I love to play “Mommy May I” with my kids.  Remember Mother May I?  Here is an example:  Mommy says do 5 jumping jacks, Mommy says touch your toes (but in this game there are no outs).
  11. Handstands.  You know I had to throw some more yoga in here.  My kids and I will play around and do handstands.  I love when some of my yoga teachers give us a little time to “play” so that is what my kids and I love to do at home with yoga.
  12. Active Video Game.  If you or a friend has a Wii-Fit what a fun interactive way to work up a sweat with your family and friends.
  13. Gather a group of friends together to do one of the super fun 5K races that are advertised on Groupon (bubble run, color run, mud run and so many others).  Who cares if you walk it? A 5K is a 5K.

Being active can be super fun. Play, sweat and reap the benefits.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog Shawn! And thanks for sharing these valuable tips, especially number 9, my other half and I will definitely enjoy doing that!

  2. I absolutely endorse all your tips! Proud to say I’ve done most of them. My favourite one is dancing, and showing him what I do at the gym. We live in a city apartment which is equipped with a gym – He (my 3 year old) sees me go every other day and even tell his friends/ teachers that “mummy goes to the gym”. I’ve shown him how to lift 1kg weights and he uses both hands to lift them carefully and he gets his technique right from watching me. #proudmama

    • Hi Vivien! Thank you so much! 🙂 I so appreciate the kind and positive feedback. Yes modeling a healthy lifestyle for our kids is so important. I totally agree with you. I’m really loving your blog as well! So happy to have connected! 🙂

    • And that is so awesome you’ve shown your little one how to weights weights and the right technique. 🙂 very motivating!

  3. I’m so happy you visited my blog today, Shawn, thank you! These 10 tips are great. Riding bikes with kids is great, too–and I think I’ll join my husband on his next ride!

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