5 Effective Ways to Combat Stress in the Workplace

via 5 Effective Ways to Combat Stress in the Workplace

I would be honored if you checked out my new blog

I have started another blog and I would be honored if you checked it out and considered forwarding it to someone you know in sales if you like what you see. The new blog is called DailySalesInspiration.

I started this new blog for two reasons:

1. My chosen sales career has been good to me for over a decade and not only do I love my profession, but I am also grateful for the flexibility it has provided for raising three children.

2. I have jotted down tips, ideas and inspired thoughts for many years in various notebooks and I am ready to put them to type in hopes of inspiring others in their sales career.

My goal is to post a tip and/or article every day.  Maybe a bit lofty with all the changes I have going on right now, but a goal I am sticking with nonetheless.  

I wanted to add that I am so very grateful for your followship on this blog and am humbled that I have more than just my incredibly supportive, amazing Mother following my blog.  

I better sign off because my kiddos and I are getting ready for our move into our cozier house so I am off to finish working, packing and making the tough decisions about what cannot come with us to our smaller space. 🙂



5 Ideas to Reduce Your Daily Sugar Intake

5 Ideas to Reduce Your Daily Sugar Intake

My 2013 resolution seemed totally insignificant at the time and was mainly so “simple” just so that I would stick to it.  What was it?  Cut sugar out of my coffee.

I drink a lot, I’m talking over a pot, of coffee a day.  Side note: this year one of my goals is to cut down on my caffeine intake.  However, let me back up to how my 2013 resolution led me to reducing my intake of sugar on a daily basis.

2013 Resolution: At the beginning of 2013 I mostly stuck with keeping sugar out of my coffee, but had some “cheat days”  here  and there where I would put sugar in my coffee at a restaurant or a friend’s house to treat myself, but what counts is this: Now, in 2014, I take my coffee without any sugar and the few times I might take a sip of my husband’s sugary coffee (when he drinks it) I don’t like it.

Resolution Success: I now take my coffee with only cream.

At the time I thought my simple resolution was just that….simple. I didn’t realize starting my day without any sugar would set the tone for the whole day.  Taking sugar out of my morning java led to not wanting sugar later in the form of candy (which I ate way too much of) or other sweets later in the day.  Here are 4 other ways to easily take extra sugar out of your everyday life that have worked for me.  Now, I am all for moderation.  I am not taking sugar out of my diet completely as I want to enjoy the occasionally sweet, but I just don’t crave sugar as much as I use to when I started every morning with it.

 5 Ideas to Reduce Your Daily Sugar Intake

  1. Take the sugar out of your coffee (I am talking that sugar substitute too).  It will take a while to get use to, but keep at it for a month and I assure you that you will eventually prefer your coffee without sugar.
  2. Do not add any extra sugar in your morning breakfast.  Try protein instead.  I eat at least one egg most mornings.  For those mornings where there just does not seem to be enough time I grab a hard-boiled egg which I always have on hand in my frig.  So, instead of jelly on your toast try peanut or almond butter.  Instead of syrup on your waffles try fruit.  If you are doing a flavored yogurt switch to plain and add a touch of honey with a mixture of nuts (almonds/pecans).
  3. Do not keep sugary snacks in your house.  Just go toss them right now.  You will thank yourself when a craving hits.  Right now, even if I was craving a sugar snack, there is absolutely nothing that I could grab that I like.  I just don’t buy it.  My kids and husband have a very small supply of candy that we use as a special treat for desert, but on purpose none are items that I like.
  4. Switch out your milk chocolate for dark chocolate if you are a chocolate lover like me.  I still like a special treat here and there after dinner and dark chocolate does the trick.  Plus, a little is so rich I really don’t want more than a square or two where as I could eat a lot more of the milk chocolate.
  5. Cut juice and soda out of your diet.  Or, if you are drinking several cups a day at least cut back.  Try instead water with slices of fruit in it to satisfy your craving for something a little more than just water.



5 Ideas to Cut Back on Sugar

5 Ideas to Cut Back on Sugar



As a disclosure I am not in the health industry.  I am a working Mom that strives for a healthy lifestyle and I try my best to eat for energy.

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